Video: An interview with Pete Anderson, documenting the working life of a key surfboard shaper in New Zealand, the relationship he has with his craft, the people involved, and the places it’s taken him. Credit: Ryan Lind Music: Un Automne à Lob-Nor – Routex.

The art of making surfboards all started for Pete in 1983, when he started working for Saltwater Surfboards in Whangamata. This led to shaping under the Saltwater and Town and Country labels until 1992.

In 1992 Pete started his own label and set up his own factory and showroom at 312 Aickin Road in Whangamata.

Pete specializes in custom order surfboards and his team riders’ have had huge success over the years, with many National titles won.

Always having a keen eye on innovation, not only on the development of his own boards but also on machinery, he was one of the first shapers in NZ to buy a profile machine. In 2004 he made the progression to a computer aided shaping machine which enabled him to keep up with ever increasing orders as well as giving him more time for R&D.

That initial machine had a huge impact on his business and when the next generation of machine was being developed Pete did not hesitate to upgrade…

In 2008 he was asked by the designer of the AKU shaping machine to become an installer of new machines worldwide and to teach shapers to use the design package effectively. A move to Australia followed to work for AKU. Now happily back in New Zealand Pete is still designing and shaping precision boards and cutting blanks for many other shapers around the country.

Pete’s personal quiver comprises of a 5’9” Drac, 5’11” Devito, 6’2” F1 and a 6’5” step up. Pete still spends as much time in the water as he can and is still fired up about new designs and technology even after making close to 10,000 boards.