Pete purchased his first shaping machine (an APS 3000) in 2005 as a means to meet his own production needs and also facilitate a cutting business for many of the top surfboard brands in NZ.

In 2007 Pete started working for Aku Shaper – a company based on the Gold Coast. Still working on his own production in NZ, but flying out regularly to install and setup machines for international companies. This culminated in a brief move to Australia to help build and install Aku Shaping machines.

A return to NZ in 2009 saw him bringing back a brand new Aku Shaper to replace the old APS 3000. This was a new generation machine. He continues to cut for other manufacturers and now has thousands upon thousands of his own files as a base to go forward from – or re-visit if need be. A wealth of knowledge, at a push of a button.

Accuracy and consistency are vital to Pete and he is regularly upgrading the machine specs to keep up with new developments.